Introducing - an online service for managing, organizing, and accessing Student and School Directories

Stu-Dir is a safe, secure, and well organized system for managing and accessing school directories. It is designed to meet the needs of Pre-K through middle schools, although other schools and other organizations may find it useful as well.

There are many advantages to the system...

It is GREEN! No more printing directories! A school with 300 students might have a 30 page directory requiring 15 sheets of paper for each directory. To give a directory to each parent would therefore require 300 X 15 sheets = 4,500 sheets of paper! That is 9 reams of paper saved.

Student information is up-to-date all the time. It is nearly guaranteed that the day after you've distributed all of the school directories, you will have a handful of change requests and error corrections made. With our online system, you can make these changes immediately and thereby eliminate errors in the directory.

It is accessible. Parents can access it from anywhere via computer or hand-held mobile devices.  They do not have to have the paper directory with them at all times in order to get important phone numbers.

You can put sponsor ads in. Upload your sponsors' logos or ads and give them 'click-thru' ability so that parents can browse to their site directly from the school directory. (And you keep 100% of the advertising revenue.)

You retain control over the information. Parents cannot edit their own information. If they see a problem with what is shown for them on the site, they can contact you, and you make the change.

A downloadable PDF is included. For schools that still want to provide a printed version of their directory (and because it may be necessary in many cases), the system will actually compile all of your information into a well organized, printable directory that can be downloaded by a school administrator.

Consistency: It provides a uniform system for users to follow. By putting structure in place, new users of the system are less apt to make innocent but detrimental changes to the structure or layout of your directory. And the freeform design allows for you to manage what info is present for each student.

The data is secure. The system uses the latest encryption technologies and industry established best-practices to ensure that your school's and students' information is safe guarded at all times. Only you and your school's parents have access to your data. No information about students, teachers, schools, etc is shared, sold, or mined.

Below are answers to some of the more common questions that we get about our service...

If your question is not answered here, please follow this link to reach our 'Contact Us' page where you can submit any other questions.

Q: Do we have to be a school to use the system?

Q: How do I know if my school uses your system?

Q: If my school does not use your system, how can I get them signed up?

Q: Is the site secure and safe?

Q: How much will it cost to use the system?

Q: How do we pay for the service?

Q: Can student/household information be changed at anytime?

Q: Can we still print out the directory if we want to?

Q: How quickly do changes to data appear on the website?

Q: Who has access to our data once it is in the system?

Q: Can we upload a list of our current teachers and students?

Q: What if parents do not want to be in the directory?

Q: Can the PTO/ PTA still solicit adds for donations?

Q: Will all the data remain in the system for next year?

Q: Is there an app for the iPhone, Android phones and/or Windows phones?

Q: Is there a way to see and use the system before committing to buy the subscription for the year?

Q: Can only certain people change and edit data in the system?

Q: Will my school's logo be on the directory?

Q: Can two schools sign up under one account?

Q: Can the system handle parents with children at different schools?

Q: Can non-parents have access to the infomation?